Printing ggplot object or list of objects to a PDF file with added compliance information log file

Flexible function to allow single or multi-page PDFs. A single ggplot object can be passed or a list of ggplot objects. If a list is passed the plots are arranged in a grid that can be defined by arguments nrow and ncol. By default these are set to 1 each, plotting a single graphics object on a single page in the PDF. The compliance log file will only be generated if .COMPLIANCE_MODE is set to TRUE. The name of the generated compliance log file is the same name as the text file name but with appended ".log". The extension for the exported text file will be kept unchanged in the exported log file name. In order for the log file generation to work the global variable "COMPLIANCE_MODE_SCRIPT_NAME" needs to be defined by the user and in each R script set to the name of the script - this is done using the IQRinitCompliance function. If compliance model is enabled, the original graphics object will also be stored as an RDS file, allowing subsequent further processing.

  filename = NULL,
  width = 21/2.54,
  height = 21/2.54 * 3/4,
  scale = 1,
  scaleWidth = 1,
  scaleHeight = 1,
  nrow = 1,
  ncol = 1,



ggplot graph object to be printed to file


Character string with the filename (can include path) for export. Should include extension to the filename (.pdf).


width of figure in inch


height of figure in inch


relative factor for scaling of both width and height


relative factor for scaling width


relative factor for scaling height


Number of rows for grid plotting if graphics object is a list


Number of columns for grid plotting if graphics object is a list


Additional arguments passed to pdf()