1 Introduction

1.1 What?

  • Computes NCA PK parameters
  • Generates listings, tables, and figures
  • Reports in Word*
  • Has same AUC calculation methods as WinNonlin
  • Provides same interpolation methods as WinNonlin
  • Provides compatible and flexible BLQ data handling
  • Imports CDISC SDTM, ADaM, WinNonlin, CSV, Excel
  • Allows fully script based and reproducible analyses
  • Allows most flexible and easy stratification
  • Is validated, also against WinNonlin

1.2 Why?

  • NCA is no rocket science (but typically comes at costs comparable to mars missions :-) )
  • NCA is useful even for modelers who not typically conduct NCAs
  • Datasets used in gold standard NCA applications are often messy, do not contain all needed information and thus lack reproducibility
  • IQnca works with an underlying dataset format that is both intuitive, easy to define, and in addition contains all information that are needed for full reproducibility of the analysis (from data to report)

1.3 Validation?

  • IQnca is developed using good coding standards
  • IntiQuan internally validates IQnca and ensures consistency of results against the gold standard
  • The open source approach allows for peer-review and collaborative improvement
  • For a full validation suite contact IntiQuan ()

1.4 Documentation?

  • This webpage serves as the main documentation for IQnca

1.5 Support?

1.6 Next steps?

  • Adding handling of urine data
  • Adding a convenient and powerful Shiny App on top. For those who still prefer clicking :-)