The IQnca R package

  • Computes non-compartmental analysis (NCA) for pharmacokinetic (PK) parameters,
  • Generates regulatory compliant listings, tables, and figures,
  • Generates word reports1,
  • Has been validated, against the gold standard NCA software2,
    • Uses the same area under the curve (AUC) computation method,
    • Provides the same interpolation methods.
  • Provides flexible handling of the data below the limit of quantification (BLQ),
  • Compatible with CDISC SDTM, ADaM, WinNonlin, CSV and Excel data inputs,
  • Allows fully script-based and reproducible analyses,
  • Allows for flexible and easy stratification.
Open Source

  1. IQReport↩︎

  2. Phoenix WinNonlin. Based on available examples. But we are happy to get more examples provided to further solidify this statement and improve - if needed!↩︎